Best Migraine Treatment in Nanded

Dr. Laxmikant Bhople

MBBS , M.S , MCH (Neurosurgery)

Dr. Laxmikant Anantrao Bhople is a promising neurosurgeon in Nanded with key competencies in brain surgery, spinal surgery, and microsurgery and more than 3 years of experience in the areas of neurosurgery. He did his MBBS at MGM Medical College,Aurangabad (2004–2010), M.S. General Surgery at SCGMC,Nanded (2011–2014), and MCH Neurosurgery at GGMC & JJ Hospital Mumbai (2015–2018). 

Being a Neurologist, he takes all necessary precautions to guarantee that patients and their families are at ease and confident in the knowledge that our specialists work as a team to provide the most cutting-edge care. In his specialty, Dr. Laxmikant Bhople has three years of expertise. He gives the Best Migraine Treatment in Nanded.

Asst.Professor Neurosurgery (3Years) at GGMC & JJ Hospital Mumbai (2018-2021)

MBBS , M.S , MCH (Neurosurgery)

  • Mch Neurosurgery Gold Medalist
  • Best Paper Award MCNS 2020 Goa
  • Best Paper Award NSSA Nagpur 2018
  • Best Residents Awards 2015 GMC & JJ Hospital Mumbai
  • 16 Original Publications
  • More than 50 National & International Paper Presentation
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